The Ultimate Guide To Our Menu

The Ultimate Guide To Our Menu

Looking for the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings? Look no further than Gretchen's Goodies, your go-to destination for authentic and delicious baked goods. Our pastry shop located in Riverview, FL offers an array of tantalizing desserts in a cup for you to enjoy. To help you explore our menu, we've put together this ultimate guide to every dessert at Gretchen's Goodies.

lemon meringue pie


Our pies in a cup are the perfect portable dessert — you can enjoy them on the go or save some for later. Made from scratch, our pies come in various desirable flavors.

At Gretchen's Goodies, we take pride in our in-house made baked goods, designed specifically for you to eat on your commute or to take with you on the go. Come visit us today and discover your next favorite dessert!

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