Banana Cream Pie Dessert in a Cup

Banana Cream Pie Dessert in a Cup

At Gretchen’s Goodies, we’re proud to serve as the best local pastry shop in Riverview, FL. We specialize in fresh-made layered cup desserts, which are easy to eat without any mess involved! When you visit our bakery, you’ll find our menu has countless yummy flavors of pies, cakes, and cheesecakes. Today, we’d like to share more details about one of our most popular dessert in a cup flavors: banana cream.

Our banana cream pie is rich and creamy and puts a unique twist on a classic dessert. After one bite, it’ll be easy to see why it’s so well-loved in the Tampa community! Read on to learn more about our banana cream flavor, then visit us for a taste.

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What Is a Layered Cup Dessert?

As you read, Gretchen’s Goodies specializes in serving layered cup desserts. If you’re not familiar with the concept of dessert in a cup, we’ll be the first to tell you it’s one of the best creations in dessert history! It’s exactly what it sounds like — a delicious dessert served conveniently and compactly in a cup.

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Why Our Dessert Is Unique

If you love banana cream pie, you might be wondering what makes ours different from others. Of course, we serve our banana cream pie as a layered cup dessert. We start with a made-from-scratch Nilla Wafer crust and layer it with fresh banana cream filling. To top it off, we finish the banana cream pie with fluffy whipped cream.

Our banana cream pie stands out because we only use fresh bananas. There are no artificial flavors at Gretchen’s Goodies! In addition, we don’t use whole Nilla Wafers because we know they’re prone to getting soggy when mixed with the banana cream filling. Instead, we create a crunchy Nilla Wafer crust that elevates the dessert to the next level! You won’t find a more irresistible banana cream pie anywhere else.

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How to Enjoy Your Banana Cream Pie

At Gretchen’s Goodies, we love and stand behind our desserts in a cup because of how convenient they are to eat. Whether you’re commuting through Tampa or enjoying a walk around Riverview, you can easily enjoy your treat! Here are some more ideas on how to enjoy your banana cream pie in a cup:

  • Take it into work with you. When your coworkers see you enjoying such a yummy treat, you’ll be the envy of the office!

  • Snack on it on your way to class. It’s the perfect pick-me-up to enjoy between classes!

  • Save it to enjoy after dinner. Thanks to its convenient size, this is a dessert you won’t be too full to have!

We’re also pleased to offer catering services in Riverview and nearby areas. Our banana cream pie and other layered cup desserts are individually packaged and easy to serve, making them perfect for weddings, parties, fundraisers, and more.

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Reasons to Love Gretchen’s Goodies

There are so many reasons to love the delicious treats at Gretchen’s Goodies! All our desserts, including our banana cream pie, are freshly made from scratch in-house. We believe in using the highest quality ingredients, and our staff takes their time in handcrafting each dessert in a cup for our customers’ enjoyment. When you stop by for a banana cream pie, you can easily take it to go, save a bite for later, or share it with loved ones.

If you’re looking for the best local bakery near Tampa, look no further than Gretchen’s Goodies. Our banana cream pie is one of our best-selling desserts, and we know you’ll fall in love when you try a taste! Visit our pastry shop today or contact us to place an order.

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